CFPB headquarters
On an argument that California's financial regulatory body needs to be reformed, but that a statewide Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or "mini CFPB," isn't needed:

"Of course Mini-CFPB won't solve regulatory problems, since Maxi-CFPB is the cause of such regulatory problems, for that matter."

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Another reader weighs in on the debate over whether California needs a state CFPB:

"Californians' solution to all problems, throw taxpayer money into creating another department or agency to do this or that. What a waste. Before you know it there will be a diaper changing department and a department to oversee the diaper changing department."

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Wells Fargo sign
On news that Wells Fargo has created a new unit created to address concerns from regulators, which will be led by a longtime Wells veteran:

"They still don’t get it. The problems that have besieged Wells Fargo did not come from credit and market risk. This started with their sales culture and was enhanced with the overall revenue producing culture. If they want to have a strategic directed committee to address regulatory concerns, it needs to be led by someone with a completely different skill set."

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Rep. Maxine Waters
On news that House Democrats are in talks with the Trump administration, which is seeking to review subpoenas lawmakers sent to Deutsche Bank and Capital One regarding the president's financial records:

"Can you even imagine how the liberals would react if these stunts were pulled on Obama? Again, the hypocrisy is unbelievable."

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Online lending image. Keyboard with big key that says "loans"
On an argument that some of the proposals regulators have floated for amending the Community Reinvestment Act would greatly change the law without improving it:

"The problem with CRA....from the old 12 assessment factors to the three tests, is the lack of any metrics. One examiner may say your have a "significant" level of investment and another says your level is just OK (or adequate, in regulatory speak). Throw in digital banking and it's impact on an assessment area and no wonder bankers are asking for help."

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