Banks and Thrifts AMERICAN BANKERS ASSOCIATION 1120 Connecticut Ave. NW Washington, D.C. 20036 202-663-5465 In brief: The American Bankers Association is the largest, most powerful bank group in Washington, or anywhere else. The trade group employs the largest number of lobbyists of all the bank groups and has close ties with state bankers associations. The ABA also represents the widest range of institutions - from small community banks to the nation's largest commercial banks - and therein may lie one of its biggest challenges. The association faces many issues on which it is difficult to take a position because of the differing consequences for its different-sized members. Executive vice president Donald G. Ogilvie Executive director/government relations: Edward L. Yingling 663-5328 Retail banking and operations: Philip Corwin (director) 663-5347 John J. Byrne 663-5029 Nessa E. Feddis 663-5434 Kawika Daguio 202-663-5434 Federal legislative operations: Floyd E. Stoner (director) 663-5339 Debbie Shannon (House manager) 663-4990 Peter L. Blocklin (Senate manager) 663-5346 Dionne Davies 663-5336 Kerry Early 663-5316 James Jarrard 202-663-5338 Judith Knight 663-5359 Josh Tenuta 663-5348 Agency relations, trust and securities: James D. McLaughlin (director) 663-5324 Judith McCormick 663-5479 Sarah A. Miller 663-5325 John C. Rasmus 663-5333 Paul A. Smith 663-5331 Economic and policy research: James Chessen (director) 663-5130 Office of the General Counsel: John J. Gill (general counsel) 663-5026 Thomas J. Greco 663-5030 Michael F. Crotty 663-5028 Steven D. Rinaldi 663-5507 Matthew H. Street 663-5031 Office of tax and accounting: Donna Fisher (director) 663-5318 Angelynn C. Hall (tax counsel) 202-663-5322 AMERICA'S COMMUNITY BANKERS 900 19th St. NW, Suite 400 Washington, D.C. 20006 202-857-3100 In brief: Despite its name, ACB is the thrift industry's top trade group, representing 1,800 savings institutions. Formed through the merger of the old U.S. League of Savings Institutions and the National Council of Savings Institutions, ACB's lobbyists still come up against the hard feelings generated by the massive 1989-1995 thrift bailout. This year, the trade group's top issue is the looming rate cut in bank insurance premiums. Thrifts fear they will be put at a competitive disadvantage, and ACB is trying to persuade lawmakers that the industry needs some relief. President Paul A. Schosberg 857-3111 General counsel Philip Gasteyer 857-3149 Government relations: Randall H. McFarlane (director) 857-5088 Marti Sworobuk 857-5580 Jim O'Connor 857-3125 C. Dawn Causey 857-3106 Policy development: Brian P. Smith (director) 857-3118 Economics and research: Robert R. Davis (director) 857-3161 AMERICAN COUNCIL OF STATE SAVINGS SUPERVISORS P.O. Box 34175 Washington, D.C. 20043-4175 202-371-0666 In brief: ACSSS, the trade group for state thrift regulators, lobbies Congress on issues affecting the states, including initiatives on the dual banking system. Its top lobbyist is former Sen. Alan Dixon, an Illinois Democrat who was part of the Senate's leadership until his surprise defeat in 1992. It has 19 state regulatory members as well as 80 member thrifts. Executive director Phylis S. Bird 371-0666 ASSOCIATION OF FINANCIAL SERVICES HOLDING COMPANIES 888 17th St. NW, #312 Washington, D.C. 20006 202-223-6575 In brief: Once known as the Association of Thrift Holding Companies, the trade group lobbies on a variety of industry issues but focuses on those affecting holding companies. A top priority now is the fate of unitary thrift holding companies, which are under attack by House Banking Committee Chairman Jim Leach. President Patrick Forte Counsel Harding Williams Director, government relations Geoffrey Gray BANKERS ASSOCIATION FOR FOREIGN TRADE 1600 M St. NW Washington, D.C. 20036 202-452-0952 In brief: BAFT is a financial trade association comprised of the internationally active U.S. commercial banks. A low-profile organization, BAFT follows trade issues that affect banks, particularly the North American Free Trade Agreement and matters before the signatory countries to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. Executive director Mary Condeelis

*** BANKERS ROUNDTABLE 805 15th St. NW, #600 Washington, D.C. 20005 202-371-0910 In brief: The Roundtable, which was formed by merging the Association of Bank Holding Companies and the Association of Reserve City Bankers, is the premier trade group for the nation's big banks. With its small staff, it lacks the depth of groups like the American Bankers Association. Still, the Roundtable plays key roles on selective issues, including the interstate branching bill which became law last year. Executive director Anthony T. Cluff Senior director, legislation Alfred Pollard Legislative dicertor John Rippey General counsel Richard Whiting CONFERENCE OF STATE BANK SUPERVISORS 1015 18th St. NW, #1100 Washington, D.C. 20036 202-296-2840 In brief: The CSBS represents the nation's state bank regulators and is a tireless supporter of the dual banking system. A past opponent of interstate branching, the trade group is now working on state legislative initiatives that would make it easier for state-chartered banks to participate in interstate branching without switching to a national charter. President James B. Watt 728-5701 Vice presidents Robert A. Richard 728-5727 Greg Golembe (education) 728-5715 Lisa S. McGreevy (international) 728-5725 Stephen R. McSpadden (legislative) CONSUMER BANKERS ASSOCIATION 1000 Wilson Blvd., 30th floor Arlington, Va. 22209 703-276-1750 In brief: The CBA represents 650 commercial banks with an interest in retail banking issues, plus 15 thrifts and 117 nonbank subsidiaries of bank holding companies. In addition to its focus on legislative and regulatory issues, the trade group is heavily involved in educational programs for bankers. Among other areas, the trade group focuses on auto lending, mutual funds, annuities, check clearing regulations, and insurance. President Joe Belew Vice president (government relations) Marcia Sullivan 703-276-3873 Senior counsel Steve I. Zeisel 703-276-3871 Manager, congressional relations Nancy H. Camm 703-276-3872 Vice president (membership) Dan Buser 703-276-3877

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