Forgot your commercial card PIN? Bank of America Merrill Lynch announced Tuesday a new way for its customers to retrieve forgotten codes.

B of A Merrill Lynch has added Online PIN Check to its commercial Chip and PIN card offering. The added feature allows cardholders to view their personal identification numbers through a secure internet point, according to the company. That website, for which cardholders must register, requires customers to sign in with a password to obtain their PINs.

The added functionality will particularly benefit business travelers who can't afford to wait a few days to receive a PIN confirmation through the more common channel of regular mail, the company said in an announcement.

"Our priority was to create a tool that would give clients peace of mind both in terms of knowing their information was easily accessible, and most importantly, that it would be protected," said Kevin Phalen, head of global card and comprehensive payables, in a statement. "The industry-leading solution of online PIN Check, which will substantially improve cardholders' ability to use their cards, underscores our commitment to the product."

The new feature follows the company's rollout of chip and PIN cards to large corporate clients in the United States and Europe over the last few years. B of A Merrill Lynch said it plans to expand its chip and PIN offering to corporate clients in Canada next month.

Online PIN Check, which is currently available in English, will be offered in French, German, Italian and Spanish by year's end.