Barclays is telling customers that it might soon start selling their information, according to financial technology blog Finextra.

The British banking company said the information will be scrubbed of personal information before it is shared, the blog reports. The potential buyers include advertisers and other marketing companies.

The announcement was made in a change to the bank's terms and conditions.

"We can combine information about you with information about other Barclays customers to create reports which we may share with companies outside Barclays," the banking company said, in the document. "This information is numerical and not personal, and you will never be identifiable on the basis of it."

The announcement was just one of several signals Barclays sent to customers implying that it would become more data-focused.

The bank also disclosed plans to use information about its customers' transactions to better understand its own services; gather information from its customers' social media interactions with the bank; and use location data mined by a person's mobile smartphone or tablet in order to fight fraud.