Best Buy Co. Inc.'s first store in Turkey will use a combined point of sale service, averting the multiple terminals commonly seen on merchants' countertops there, according to Ingenico SA, which is supplying the machines.

Unlike in the United States, each Turkish issuer has its own POS terminal, often requiring merchants to have as many as six devices. Ingenico says its shared POS system lets retailers use one terminal to accept several issuers' cards.

Ingenico said last week that Best Buy, which opened its store in Izmir last year, is using its terminals and PIN pads. Typically, banks in Turkey lease POS systems to merchants.

Because Best Buy Turkey is renting the terminals from Ingenico, it can pay a lower fee to banks, Ingenico said. Turkish merchants, when leasing terminals from banks, pay transaction and monthly fees, Ingenico said. Best Buy will only have to pay a transaction fee, Ingenico said.

Best Buy Turkey is to deploy 25 to 30 terminals in its store and in each additional store it may open, Ingenico said.