The Islandia, N.Y., software provider CA Inc. is reselling antifraud and authentication products from Arcot Systems Inc.

CA said Wednesday that it has bundled the Sunnyvale, Calif., vendor's RiskFort and WebFort security applications with its own SiteMinder Web Access Manager software.

The RiskFort software monitors transactions for signs of unusual financial activity and generates a risk score. SiteMinder uses that score to grant or deny access to online banking sites. It can also be configured to grant access with limited transactional capabilities, or to ask users to provide additional information to authenticate themselves.

WebFort uses encryption to strengthen security during the log-in process without requiring people to use tokens or other additional hardware.

"Proving that you are who you say you are is of paramount importance for everyone involved in any online transaction," Bill Mann, CA's senior vice president for security management, said in a press release. "As all industry sectors expand to take advantage of the Web and open more applications to customers, remote employees, contractors and partners, it is essential that they have additional capabilities to assure the identity of the individuals requesting access."