Cardtronics Inc. has entered Puerto Rico, the Houston company's third market outisde the continental United States and its second in a Spanish-speaking location.

Cardtronics announced Friday that it is had signed an agreement to deploy one automated teller machine in each of the 26 To Go Stores outlets on the island. Cardtronics already has deployed 11 of the machines, and it will deploy the rest by next year, the ATM independent sales organization said.

To Go Stores is a convenience chain founded in 2003.

"Entering Puerto Rico is a natural extension of our continued efforts to enter … new markets outside of our core U.S. operations," Brian Archer, Cardtronics' chief marketing officer, said in a press release. "As a market, Puerto Rico holds great promise with its strong economy, vibrant tourism trade and close connection to the United States."

Cardtronics' other international operations are Cardtronics Mexico in Mexico City and Bank Machine Ltd. in the United Kingdom. Current and former Cardtronics executives have have also discussed deploying ATMs throughout Asia because consumers in those countries generally pay bills with cash, making them potentially heavy ATM users.

Cardtronics says it owns or manages more than 33,000 ATMs worldwide.