Customers Bancorp in Wyomissing, Pa., (CUBI) plans to launch a virtual mobile banking platform in the third quarter of this year meant to make banking services more effortless for consumers.

The bank's research revealed that over 50% of households in the U.S. have not visited a bank branch within the last year. This new mobile application will provide the same functions as a local branch and more, Warren Taylor, Customers' president of community banking, said in a phone interview.

For example, besides just checking their balances and making deposits, a consumer will be able to pay bills on the mobile platform through Picture Pay. Picture Pay allows a customer to take a photo of a bill that needs to be paid and then enter this image into the application. The application will read how much needs to be withdrawn from an account and pay the bill immediately.

Additionally, Taylor said mobile users check their account balances three times a month but often have difficulty logging into an application. Customers Bancorp has modified the login process for consumers because they will have an option to only enter their user name and password once and it will be remembered forever. Subsequently, to access an account, a user will then input a four-digit passcode rather than their full username and password.

"Customers want safety and hated the alpha-numeric passwords," Taylor added.

The $4.2 billion-asset lender purchased the rights to the domain "" The mobile platform will be available on all Apple products as well as Blackberry cellular devices by the third quarter of this year.