To fight fraud, Diebold Inc. has introduced a two-factor security device for authorized servicers.

The Canton, Ohio, automated teller machine company announced its ValiTech device Monday. The tokens grant technicians access to ATMs' internal system operations when they need to make repairs or provide routine maintenance. The service personnel also enter a PIN. The combination provides security and a record of who has worked on a specific machine, and when.

Technicians currently must obtain a temporary password from ATMs' owners to gain access to the machines.

"Deploying effective authentication for an entire ATM fleet can be time-consuming and costly," Charles E. Ducey Jr., Diebold's senior vice president, global development and services, said in a press release. ValiTech "offers our customers a higher level of security while relieving them from the additional workload and resources needed to create, track and reset system-level user names and passwords."