Diebold Inc. has been granted seven patents for software that it says banks can use to deliver marketing messages through automated teller machines.

The North Canton, Ohio, company announced the patents Thursday for its Campaign Office software.

The patented technology includes the ability to identify individual customers and deliver targeted marketing messages, which Diebold said would personalize the ATM experience for people and make them more responsive to cross-selling efforts.

Campaign Office is part of Diebold's Agilis suite of ATM management applications. It examines customer demographic information and account balances to determine which types of products to offer. It also lets banks configure specific machines to feature different background images or use different languages.

Charles E. Ducey Jr., Diebold's senior vice president for global development and services, said in a press release that "customers are accustomed to personalized communications" and that Campaign Office lets banks "capitalize on those extremely valuable moments at the ATM when customers become a captive audience."