A new web-based application that lets people link their financial accounts to receive, organize and manage their bills and financial statements in a single view has launched after about a year of user testing.

The service, Finovera, will also use analytics to alert users when their spending appears high or when a bill due date is approaching.

Other apps exist in the space. There's Manilla for bill organization, BillGuard for spotting questionable credit card charges and Check (formerly Pageonce), which even lets people pay for things through the app. Then there's an abundance of personal financial management (PFM) apps that offer related features.

Typically, startups partner with Intuit or Yodlee to integrate account aggregation technology into their services. Often, users will need to make manual changes to their data to improve the accuracy.

Banks, meanwhile, are spotting a potentially troublesome trend: their younger consumers are less likely to use online bill pay than older people. (Online bill pay is regarded as a pathway to customer stickiness).

Finovera said in a press release that a mobile and tablet version will hit the market in Q1 2014.