A former Goldman Sachs (GS) trader will attempt to take a giant financial leap for mankind.

Anton Kreil, who is CEO and managing partner of the Institute of Trading & Portfolio Management in London, has announced plans to be the first person to make a financial markets transaction in space while abroad a shuttle from Space Expedition Corp. He will attempt to break world records through a currency trade and stock trade for first financial transaction in space and highest recorded financial transaction, Space Expedition, which is a Dutch space tourism company, said Monday.

The flight is scheduled for 2014 and will take off from either Mohave in California or the Caribbean island of Curacao. Kreil must complete the transaction at 100 kilometers above sea level to capture the record. The entire trip is expected to take about an hour.

Kreil said in an interview with Square Mile magazine that he was in discussions with publicly traded companies in the U.S. and Europe about sponsoring the trade, according to Space Expedition. He said that the specific stock to be involved would likely be announced a few weeks before the flight. He is also in talks with investment banks and brokers about sponsoring the event.