Banks that quickly reimburse customers for funds lost to fraudulent transactions are more likely to retain them, according to a study released last week by the security software provider ACI Worldwide Inc.

"The post-fraud service offered by banks is crucial to keep customers happy and prevent attrition," the report found.

ACI in July surveyed 2,408 consumers online in seven countries including the United States. Overall, 74% of respondents were pleased with their banks' efforts after they had become victims of card fraud.

Consumers in the United Kingdom were the most satisfied with their banks, with 62% saying they were "very happy."

Banks in Singapore and the United States also received high marks, with 55% and 40% of respondents, respectively, saying they were "very happy" with post-fraud services, the survey found.

Consumers in Dubai had the lowest opinion of their banks, with only 16% of respondents there saying they were "very happy" with post-fraud services.

Overall, 26% of respondents said they were "somewhat unhappy" or "very unhappy" with their banks' efforts to handle fraud.

The survey found fraud has a negative effect on consumers' view of using payment cards, with 18% saying they would "definitely use" cash instead of cards following fraud.

Fifty-nine percent said they would use cash "in some situations."