Gemalto NV of Amsterdam has bought the Versailles, France, digital security provider Trusted Logic.

Gemalto had owned a 32% stake in the company since 2001, and it bought the remaining shares Tuesday from company founder Dominique Bolignano and others for an undisclosed price.

Paul Beverly, Gemalto's president of North America and its executive vice president of marketing, said in an interview Tuesday that full ownership of the company could accelerate Trusted Logic's growth.

"We can scale it faster and really unlock the potential of the business," he said.

Trusted Logic, which was founded in 1999, develops secure software for smart cards, mobile phones and payment terminals.

Gemalto's earlier work with Trusted Logic should smooth the integration, Beverly said. "Trusted Logic is an example of a company where we made an early investment in a company to try to nurture its development."

Gemalto has made four other purchases in the past four months that "are very complementary to what we do today and help bolster our position," he said.

These are Multos, KeyCorp's smart card business; the German mobile phone software company O3SIS AG; the secure card provider NamITech South Africa and the contactless payment business of NXP Semiconductors.

Beverly said Gemalto would not rename Trusted Logic. "Trusted Logic is a very trusted brand with a lot of its customers," he said, and there is value to keeping the brand alive.