An update to Google Glass that the search company began rolling out Monday will give users a new way to view and interact with banks' websites.

Previously, the early adopters (Explorers) and developers of Glass were only able to see simple Google search results after giving the device a voice command.

Glass, which is Google's first foray into wearable computing, is a device that contains a processor, 12 gigabytes of memory, a five-megapixel camera, a video camera, a touchpad, a high-resolution display, Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity and a battery. It's attached to a pair of titanium frames and projects onto a tiny computer screen above the wearer's right eye.

The update lets users interact with websites using touch commands, sliding and tapping on the touchpad embedded in the frame.

Another update to Google Glass announced today is a voice command that lets users ask Glass to read content aloud through the device's bone conducting headphone. Google also added the ability to make video calls with Glass and to add Gmail contacts to the device.