IBM announced Tuesday that it has acquired Trusteer, an Israeli company that provides organizations with counter-fraud and cybersecurity software.

The deal, first announced in August, is of a piece with IBM's efforts to sharpen its focus on bank technology, malware and financial crimes. Among the Trusteer services IBM will add to its security portfolio are systems that identify and remove malware and fraudulent activity; cloud-delivered security software that provides firms with real-time updates on threats; and software that detects compromised mobile devices.

"The acquisition of Trusteer builds on more than 40 years of IBM's rich contribution to the security space," IBM Security Systems general manager Brendan Hannigan said in a press release Tuesday. "Trusteer will extend our data security capabilities further into the cloud, mobile and endpoint security space. This acquisition helps provide our clients with comprehensive network and endpoint anti-malware solutions."

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

IBM also announced plans in August to open a cybersecurity lab in Israel. Trusteer and IBM researchers and developers will team up to develop software that provides mobile and application security and counters fraud, malware and financial crimes.