MobileIron on Tuesday unveiled software called Mobile Insight that's meant to give IT staff the ability to manage a company's employees' mobile devices from a mobile app.

(Somewhat ironically, most enterprise mobile management programs run only on PCs.)

MobileIron has many financial services customers, though the company doesn't share a specific number. An iPad app was launched Tuesday; plans are to support other iOS, Android and Windows devices as well.

"IT is under a ton of pressure because mobile is changing the way they have to operate," says Ojas Rege, vice president of strategy for the company.

The new Mobile Insight iPad app provides a dashboard that shows all devices employees are using, the operating system versions they run, whether or not they're in compliance with various company policies, whether or not they're registered with the software, and whether or not the users have roaming turned on.

A key use case for the app is troubleshooting. IT administrators can search for a device by the user's name, check his policies and configurations, and identify lapses or other problems. The app can also be used by a manager to ensure that privacy settings are being enforced by the IT department.

"Privacy is becoming just as important to financial institutions as it is to other industries," Rege says.