The San Jose payment terminal company VeriFone Holdings Inc. said Tuesday that it has hired Robert Dykes as its chief financial officer.

Mr. Dykes was previously the chairman and chief executive of NebuAd Inc., a provider of targeted online advertising, and was the CFO of a unit of Flextronics International Ltd. He will succeed Clinton Knowles, who had been the interim CFO.

Mr. Dykes, who was also named a senior vice president, will start his new job when VeriFone files its results for its third fiscal quarter, which ended July 31, with the Securities and Exchange Commission. VeriFone is scheduled to release the results publicly Tuesday.

Mr. Knowles became the interim CFO last month, when Barry Zwarenstein stepped down.

VeriFone has been conducting an extensive audit of its books since announcing in December that it had found errors in its financial reports dating to the start of its last fiscal year, and that it would have to restate its financial reports since then.

The company eventually determined that the errors were caused by poor inventory record keeping by its Sacramento supply chain accounting team, and that the manager responsible for the problems had been fired.

Mr. Zwarenstein said in April that he would step down once VeriFone had issued its restated results. The results were issued Aug. 19.