No. 4: Carrie Tolstedt, Wells Fargo

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    Motivation isn't a problem for Carrie Tolstedt. "As I go to my office each day, I pass by a stagecoach in our lobby" — a powerful reminder, she says, of Wells Fargo's stability, based on a century and a half of zeroing in on what people want from a bank.
    September 22
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    One of Carrie Tolstedt's many challenges these days is making sure customers who interact with Wells Fargo have a more positive and more personalized experience. It's no small feat, but so far, so good.
    September 18

Carrie Tolstedt
Senior EVP, Community Banking, Wells Fargo

As Wells Fargo's head of community banking, Carrie Tolstedt has had to grapple with an ever-changing retail landscape, new technology and the growing influence of social media on customer interactions.

To make service consistent for those who communicate with the company in multiple ways, last year she merged Wells Fargo's digital channels group with its contact centers. The combined team of more than 12,000 employees now works to integrate customer experiences across phone, online, mobile, email and social channels.

Beyond streamlining, Tolstedt also has played a key role in taking Wells Fargo into the mobile era. Since 2014, her digital team has delivered dozens of new mobile features, such as push notifications and the introduction of Apple Pay.

Boosting the company's mobile presence has helped to simplify in-store operations — for instance, Wells Fargo customers can now set up branch appointments in advance or receive new account information on their smartphones. All together, the company now boasts 14.9 million active mobile customers and 25.7 million active online customers.

Still, Tolstedt personally values face-to-face interactions — she says she has the most fun when she's spending time with her team. And she is willing to travel far to do so. Tolstedt frequently crisscrosses the country to meet with local leaders. She conducts town hall meetings, where she learns about customer needs and local best practices, looking to see what she can apply to Wells Fargo's 39-state footprint.

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