No. 5: Isabelle Ealet, Goldman Sachs

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Isabelle Ealet
Global Co-Head of Securities, Goldman Sachs

Though she generally avoids public attention, Isabelle Ealet gets more than a fair share anyway. The speculation that she could become the first woman to run a Wall Street bank one day is only growing as time goes on. Her promotion from the global head of commodities to global co-head of securities in January 2012 further fueled talk of her future potential, in part because top Goldman Sachs executives have followed a similar trajectory.

A key initiative for her division over the past year has been putting in place procedures to comply with new regulations. On the fixed-income side, Ealet and her team have meaningfully reduced risk-weighted assets and continue to manage for risk-weighted returns.

Ealet, who is based in London, became a managing director at Goldman in 1997, a partner in 2002, and a member of the executive management committee in 2008. She frequently advocates for getting other women into leadership roles in the financial services industry. She said in a rare interview a few years ago that one of the most significant barriers to achieving more female leadership is a lack of talented women leaders as role models.

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