Ingenico SA said Monday that it has begun integrating PayPal Inc.'s payment system with its point of sale terminals.

PayPal, a San Jose unit of eBay Inc., has been entering multiple partnerships to bring its online payment system to the physical point of sale. To this end, the French terminal maker is integrating PayPal with its Unicapt32 and Telium 2 product lines.

"Our goal, as one of the key [point of sale] device and solutions providers, is to equip merchants with a versatile secure platform capable of handling diverse forms of payment," Thierry Denis, Ingenico's president for North America, said in a press release.

PayPal is currently testing its point of sale payment system in a small number of Home Depot stores. Users can swipe a card to debit their PayPal accounts. The system also allows card-free payments by accepting a user's phone number and PIN.

PayPal tested a separate system last year with the terminal maker VeriFone Systems Inc. and the mobile-payments provider Bling Nation Ltd. (Bling Nation shut down last year.)