Payveris and D3 Banking are integrating their technology to let banks and credit unions use Payveris' digital payments functions with D3 Banking's multichannel digital banking service.

The combined offering provides financial institutions with a single application programming interface (API) for controlling account-to-account, person-to-person and bill payment transactions.

"The customer or member of the bank or credit union should be isolated from the details of how the money is moved and be allowed to focus on what type of transaction they want and when they need the transaction to occur," says Mark Vipond, CEO of D3 Banking, in a Feb. 11 press release.

Payveris, of Wethersfield, Conn., provides a white-labeled, customized suite of application programming interfaces that it delivers through the cloud.

"Raising the standards for how consumers interact with their financial institution beyond the branch is essential to helping banks and credit unions gain a competitive advantage in today's marketplace," says Fran Duggan, president of Payveris, in a written statement.