The cloud computing company Salesforce has introduced Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, a series of applications written for financial services firms. The first application in the series is designed to facilitate the relationships between financial advisers and their clients.

The program provides a Salesforce customer-relationship-management-based client profile that profile provides access to tear-sheets, financial accounts and goals, and includes a "relationship" component that can establish connections with a client's extended family members to monitor how wealth will be transferred from one generation to the next.

The Advisor Today homepage on the Financial Services Cloud also aims to help advisors increase productivity by automating administrative tasks. On the homepage, users can check account information and market insights for things such as gains and losses. Additionally, Salesforce included an Assistant widget to the platform, which masses information to produce to-do lists and task alerts for advisors.

Another bonus from the new platform is the addition of a mobile app that lets advisors carry out tasks such as sharing information with clients.

Investors "want someone who understands them and engages them on their term," Salesforce senior vice president and general manager Simon Mulcahy said in a news release. "Salesforce Financial Services Cloud sets advisers free from administrative tasks and gives them the modern tools they need to supercharge their relationships."