CashEdge Inc. announced that the Seattle credit union BECU is offering the New York vendor's person-to-person payment service to its members.

BECU began offering POPmoney on March 20. The service lets BECU members send money using a recipient's phone number, e-mail address or bank account number.

"We are excited to be the first credit union in the country to offer this service," Howie Wu, BECU's vice president of virtual banking, said in a CashEdge press release Tuesday. Wu described POPmoney as "a simple, secure and convenient way for our members to send money directly from their BECU account to anyone for free."

CashEdge began offering POPmoney to clients last June after testing it with a regional bank.

If the sender does not know the recipient's bank account number, CashEdge will send a text message or e-mail with instructions on how to receive the funds. If the recipient is a customer of a CashEdge bank client, the recipient can go online to complete the transfer. Otherwise the recipient is sent to a CashEdge-run Web site.