The Boulder, Colo., mobile payment company Mocapay Inc. said Monday that J.A.D. Inc.'s ShortStop convenience stores would expand their use of Mocapay gift cards.

ShortStop, a Conoco-Phillips branded chain with four locations in the Boulder area, conducted a three-month test of the cards, Mocapay said.

The chain will add mobile loyalty features in the second quarter in conjunction with Smart Transaction Systems of Boulder, which provides gift card and loyalty programs to over 4,500 U.S. retail clients.

During the three-month test, ShortStop reported a mid-single-digit increase in consumer adoption rates, a high-single-digit increase in transaction volumes and a low-double-digit increase gift load amounts when compared to its existing gift card program that uses standard, plastic cards, Mocapay said.

Mocapay customers can use the text messaging feature of their mobile phones to manage balances and make payments through prepaid cards.

"Mocapay's mobile gift transaction solution was seamlessly integrated with our existing plastic gift transaction process which made it very easy and simple for our employees to ensure a smooth customer experience at point-of-sale," Tony Dageenakis, ShortStop's co-owner, said in a press release.