Personal finance guru Suze Orman, "the money lady," is now recasting herself as the museum lady.

Her money management advice will be the "centerpiece" of a new interactive museum display this fall, called "Economia: Money Matters," according to an Oct. 15 press release. It will launch in Chicago and visit science, natural history, industry and pop-up museums across the country.

The release describes Orman and museum designer and producer Gail Vida Hamburg as having a "Vulcan mind meld on the topic of money" — which this reporter presumes is a good thing.

Hamburg is also known for her work developing projects as part of the acclaimed "Body Worlds" exhibits, which have traveled the globe showing off preserved human body parts to give people a firsthand view of anatomical structures.

Now, Hamburg and Orman are hoping to do the same thing with money.

"Imagine learning about your money by walking through a museum gallery at your own pace and engaging with interactive exhibits that you can touch and feel," said Orman in the release.

"You will remember what you learn because it will be entertaining, and when you're having fun learning, the lessons stay with you," she added.

How successful it will be is hard to know at this point, but it is (probably) safe to say it will be less controversial than when Orman put her name on a reloadable prepaid card, took criticism in January for backing a product that some considered exploitative and then apologized for calling a critic an "idiot."