SAN JOSE, Calif. — Technology CU announced this morning it has introduced a new way to help members avoid ATM surcharges with the debut of FeeAlert from Cardtronics.

With FeeAlert, members using out-of-network, fee-charging ATMs receive a personalized email alert from Tech CU, pointing them to the nearest in-network, and therefore fee-free ATMs.

"Tech CU is always looking for ways we can use technology to save our members time and money-and FeeAlert from Cardtronics is a great example," said Joe Anzalone, chief banking officer for the $1.7 billion credit union. "An easy-to-use, unobtrusive use of a smart technology, FeeAlert helps to further improve the Tech CU banking experience."

How it Works:

  1. Tech CU members auto-enrolled in the FeeAlert program
  2. Member uses out-of-network/non-affiliated ATM
  3. Daily ATM transaction info sent from Tech CU to FeeAlert platform
  4. FeeAlert generates a list (using geo-location technology) of nearby in-network, fee-free ATMs
  5. Tech CU member receives an email (next-day delivery), detailing available free ATMs for future reference.

"The idea behind FeeAlert from Cardtronics is taking every opportunity to help cardholders find nearby fee-free ATMs," said Rick Updyke, president, North America Business Group, Cardtronics. "Before a transaction, ATM locator tools, whether built into a website or mobile banking app, are tremendously effective in helping members find the nearest fee-free ATM. But sometimes they forget to look and end up paying a fee even though they could've used, for example, a surcharge-free Allpoint ATM right around the corner. FeeAlert can't read minds, but it can send helpful reminders after a transaction, giving cardholders an opportunity to save the fee the next time around."