Two community banks have signed up for Secure Vault Payments, according to eWise Systems USA Inc., the Denver company working with Nacha, the electronic payments association, to offer the technology.

Meridian Bank, of Paoli, Pa.; and Metro Phoenix Bank, which specializes in commercial and real estate accounts, will sponsor merchants and independent sales organizations that accept Secure Vault Payments. The deal was announced May 10.

When consumers click on a Secure Vault Payments button on a retailer's website, a switch takes them to their own bank's website to complete the transaction over the automated clearing house network. After users make the payment on their bank's site, the system takes them back to the merchant's site for confirmation. The process does not expose the consumer's personal information to the retailer.

The payment method may become available to 17 million consumers before the end of this month and to 50 million by yearend, eWise said.