USAA has already processed nearly $4 billion in mobile banking transactions in the two years it has offered its Deposit@Mobile smartphone app. The company is now expanding this service, which lets customers deposit checks by snapping pictures of them with their mobile device, to the iPad 2 and plotting a new wave of digital banking products.

A spokesperson for the bank, whose globally-scattered military customer base and lack of branches have made it an early adopter of a number of online and mobile banking products, says it went with the iPad because that's the tablet that its customers have most adopted, but it would track usage of other tablets for possible RDC.

The spokesperson said the tablet RDC app is similar in function and appearance to the RDC app already offered in smart phones. USAA's mix of RDC channels also includes digital options such as iPhone and Android smartphones and brick and mortar deposits at UPS stores.

The USAA iPad app previously offered bill payment, transfers, trades, access to stock quotes and USAA insurance policies. Consumers can also add or replace a car on their existing USAA insurance policy and request an auto insurance ID card. USAA's also taken advantage of the large screen of the tablet to upload informational videos and news posts.

USAA also said it has more new products in development for release in the coming months, such as the creation of a mobile wallet and a pilot of P2P payments with a limited group of consumers.