We've heard plenty about big banks, and a lot about the small banks, but what about the impact of regulation on those that are somewhere inbetween?

Back when Dodd-Frank was being debated, Russell Goldsmith of City National in Los Angeles was already rallying mid-sized banks. "Concerns arose when lawmakers were discussing whether banks assets of with $10 billion or more posed a risk to the financial system," writes American Banker’s Rachel Witkowski

Goldsmith has now formed the Mid-size Bank Coalition of America, for banks with assets of $7 billion to $30 billion, to address issues where these banks get lost in a “no-man’s land” (as the head of another bank group put it). "The group's members collectively hold assets of more than $450 billion in 41 states," writes Witkowski.

The group has Basel III regulations on its agenda. "Basel III could have an unfortunate and unintended effect of making it more difficult for midsize banks to lend money to qualified borrowers," says Goldsmith.

For the full piece see "Stuck in the Middle? Group Advocates for Not-So-Little Community Banks" (may require subscription).