A Call for Diversity Data: The heads of the National Diversity Coalition and the California Black Chamber of Commerce urge the government to stop dragging its heels on collecting diversity-related data, including on lending to minority- and women-owned businesses. They say transparency on financial services opportunities would help community organizations determine how best to close the racial wealth gap. The op-ed by Mark Whitlock and Aubry Stone comes as House Democrats are nudging the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to move forward on collecting business lending data requirements as required under the Dodd-Frank Act.

Also on the blog: The average American may not be paying close attention to the lawsuit brought by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac investors against the federal government. But Consumers' Research executive director Joseph Colangelo says the issue of shareholders' rights should matter to everyone with a 401(k).

Political preferences aside, Garth Graham gives props to presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders for building strong personal brands. He suggests lenders could stand to learn from their example.

Consultant Dave Martin explains why embracing the reality of rejection from customers can help bankers do more business in the long run.

Merchant trade group representative Lyle Beckwith discusses a new study from the Richmond Fed as evidence that the central bank's attempt to regulate interchange fees has failed to lower costs for retailers.

Community banker Kevin Tynan criticizes organizers of industry conferences for offering small banks advice that is more tailored to larger competitors that have a different set of concerns and struggles.

The Clutch Group's Christian Asare and Keisha Potter argue that regulators need to clean up dark pools — private platforms for trading securities — instead of shutting them down.

Regulatory crackdowns on digital currency firms are bound to rattle the burgeoning cryptocurrency industry. But enforcement actions like the one against Ripple Labs will ultimately make it safer for banks to partner with blockchain technology companies, according to lawyer David Sofge.

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