The election is over. Dodd-Frank is here to stay. It's time for bankers and regulators to get on with compliance and implementation, writes American Banker's Barbara Rehm.

"Bankers can help the agencies write the Dodd-Frank rules in a way that curbs abuses without strangling credit or driving business costs sky-high," she advises.  Regulators should listen, consider and verify.

What are some of the changes she'd like to see in the Dodd-Frank landscape?

Obama: put some muscle behind Office of Financial Research and appoint a director.

Financial Stability Oversight Council: start more serious and meaningful discussions about risk.

Bank boards: change the culture at banks by ending cozy relations with CEOs. One idea on how to do this would be a requirement for board members to invest a certain percentage of their net worth in company stock.

And examiners should have some leeway to go with their guts. "Good banking is an art and so is quality supervision,” writes Rehm.

For the full piece see "It's Time for Bankers to Make Peace with Dodd-Frank" (may require subscription)