Few are brave enough to sue the government, as we´ve discussed before, but it did seem like just a matter of time before someone went after the Treasury Department. Whatever else Secretary Henry Paulson has done to prevent financial Armageddon, he hasn´t kept the Treasury´s public image above the foreclosure fray. Mr. Paulson, meet Thomas R. Harberson.

Mr. Harberson, who listed an address in Phoenix suburb, has filed a formal complaint against the Treasury in the District Court of Southern Arizona. It is a handwritten call for a $150 billion class action lawsuit "in behalf of the millions of homeowners who are losing their homes thru foreclosures."

Mr. Harberson also claims that "we are entitled to know where the bailout money was used for. Since there are no oversight to speak of as to where the funds went to and how they used it...In this suit plaintiffs demands as taxpayer + citizen a detail record of what the fund went to + how they used."

A call to the number Mr. Harberson provided went unanswered. If it was his home number, it may not be too much of a stretch to imagine why.