The Dodd-Frank Act puts lots of new requirements on hedge funds. Are the regulations cramping hedge fund managers’ style?  A new survey says no.

Wulf Kaal of the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis conducted arrecent survey of 94 fund advisers.

"Three-quarters of respondents said that the new registration and disclosure requirements have not affected their investors’ rate of return. Four-fifths said they did not take Dodd-Frank into account when determining the size of their funds. And seven in 10 said they do not plan a 'strategic response' to Dodd-Frank," writes Businessweek in a summary of the findings.

"The private fund industry seems to be adjusting well and the impact of the registration and disclosure rules appears to be much less intense than the industry initially anticipated," concluded Kaal.

For the full piece see "Dodd-Frank? Not Such a Drag After All" (may require subscription).