Turning stolen U.S. credit cards into cash is tough if you live in a country that U.S. businesses won't ship to. Fortunately for the bad guys, there are websites that focus on solving that very problem.

One of them, called profsoyuz.biz, is "one of the longest-running criminal reshipping programs on the Internet," security expert Brian Krebs wrote in a Monday blog post.

That website hires Americans to receive items ordered online with stolen credit cards, he wrote. The Americans then ship the products to the Russian and Eastern European scammers so that the items can be resold.

Krebs posted a screenshot of the website's administrative interface, detailing the specific people and products involved in each transaction the site handles.

One of the Americans involved in the scam told Krebs he thought he had been hired by a legitimate shipping company called Transit Air Cargo Inc.

Gary Syner, the CEO of the real Transit Air Cargo, told Krebs he has heard from at least one person who was duped by the scammers that were using his company's name. His advice to others: "If you don't meet the employer in person, it's probably a good indication that something isn't right."