Americans for Financial Reform and the Roosevelt Institute have plans to release a joint paper Tuesday assessing policymakers' progress in implementing the Dodd-Frank Act.

"Three years after the Dodd-Frank Act was approved, its practical implications are coming into focus," write Lisa Donner, Mike Konczal, and Marcus Stanley, the editors of the report.

The paper states that regulators should enforce the new rules set by the Dodd-Frank Act to prevent a repeat of the financial crisis.

"The hard-won reforms will be meaningless if not enforced, and the industry will continue to fight to limit enforcement," wrote Brad Miller, a former congressman from North Carolina and a senior fellow for economic policy at the Center for American Progress. "Reformers cannot wither up now. They must remain vigilant to advocate for the appointment of regulators and Justice Department officials committed to enforcement."

For the full piece see "Progressive Groups Call for Further Financial Reform" (may require subscription).