Slideshow Bankers, Regulators Face Off at San Diego Convention

  • October 18 2012, 11:11am EDT
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Bankers urged their counterparts to rally against Basel III and other regulations at the American Bankers Association conference in San Diego. In contrast, regulators tried to convince bankers that their voices would be heard in Washington.

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A Warning Call

"If we could put the fear of God into you … it would be about Basel III."

John Ikard, president and CEO, FirstBank Holding

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Finding Equilibrium

"We ultimately need to strike a balance. Regulators' tools for a safe and sound system must be more than just the rulebook. They should also include sound regulation by the examiners."

Comptroller of the Currency Thomas Curry

Obama and the Fair Housing Act

"The ultimate libel in the United States today is accusing someone of racial discrimination. … Disparate impact is the ultimate evil in the law, and this administration is the architect of it. And we need to defeat it."

Frank Keating, ABA president

Fallout from Georgia Failures

"I think early in the cycle they referred to Atlanta as Chernobyl."

R. Daniel Blanton, president and CEO of Georgia Bank & Trust

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Standing Still Isn't an Option

"We have to understand that to stay the same is not possible and that if you try and hunker down the storm will change you."

Ray Davis, president and CEO, Umpqua Holdings

No Salem Trials Planned

"We have no interest in witch hunts."

Edwin Chow, regional director, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Defining a Qualified Mortgage

"A key issue looks at the definition of rural institutions. That may increase the number of institutions that can offer qualified mortgages."

Mark Pearce, director of the FDIC's Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection

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Doing More with Less

"The resources of the past may not get us to the future."

James Smith, chairman and CEO, Webster Financial

Hiring Disconnect

"It's a shame that we're looking for compliance [staff] rather than customer-facing employees."

Sheila Mathews, president and CEO, Four Corners Community Bank

Bankers Matter

"We're putting too much of an emphasis on capital. For community banks, the first good line of defense is the banker."

Former Comptroller of the Currency Eugene Ludwig