Slideshow Banks in Biometrics: More Boom than Bust

  • March 30 2015, 11:29am EDT
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Banks have been experimenting with biometrics for decades. (Most) recent initiatives show real promise for self-identification using physical characteristics.

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USAA's National Rollout of Voice and Face Recognition

USAA in San Antonio created some momentum for biometrics with its full-scale adoption of facial and vocal recognition through smartphones. Customers can verify their identity through mobile video and audio log-in as well as traditional passwords.

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Apple Makes Fingerprinting Cool

BBVA, American Express, Discover and Tangerine Bank are among those using Apple's Touch ID to let iPhone-using customers access mobile banking with the tap of a finger. The stigma of the jailhouse fingerprint seems to have faded.

Image: Bloomberg News

Voice Activation at Tangerine Bank

Tangerine Bank, a unit of Scotiabank in Canada, has rolled out vocal recognition to enable its customers to transfer money, pay bills or access account information. USAA also offers voice-activated banking.

A Biometrics Misfire

Biometrics don't always succeed. Robocoin, a Bitcoin ATM provider, experimented with palm recognition. But the company found the scanning took too long to be worth it, and it removed the feature from its ATMs.

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