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In response to an op-ed on a new idea for reforming the government-sponsored enterprises:
Word fraud in lettern on background of dollar banknotes
On the risks faced by bitcoin (via <a href="" target="_blank">Reddit</a>):
On the Supreme Court ruling that banks and other companies are not subject to the same restrictions as third-party debt collectors:
DELHI, INDIA, September 1, 2016: Backpacker traveller happy to stay in Pullman New Delhi Aerocity in DELHI, INDIA, September 1, 2016
A retort to a BankThink article criticizing the Financial Choice Act as a gift to big banks:
Many arrows miss their intended target, symbolizing a goal not achieved
On how private companies incorporated in Delaware might be able to soon start issuing and tracking shares of stock on a distributed ledger (via <a href="" target="_blank">Twitter</a>):
Fake Dictionary, Dictionary definition of the word maybe.
In support of an op-ed calling for reform of Dodd-Frank’s $50 billion asset threshold for “systemically important” banks:
Employee miniature trapped inside transparent glass jar by employer's hand. Red brick interior background
Another reader supported calls to reform regulation in the interest of regional banks:
Aligned chess pieces on a chessboard