Slideshow Sage Advice from 2014's Most Powerful Women in Banking

  • October 10 2014, 1:48pm EDT
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There was no shortage of talent in the room at American Banker's Oct. 9 awards ceremony in New York honoring the Most Powerful Women in Banking and Finance. So it seemed appropriate for some of the industry's biggest success stories to offer advice to up-and-coming women in their fields. Here are 14 honorees reflecting on lessons learned in their own careers.

Photo: Doug Goodman

Irene Dorner, President and CEO of HSBC USA

"Doing the right thing doesn't just let you sleep well at night, although that's a great gift. By consistently doing the right thing, we achieve long-term and sustainable outcomes … This is supposed to be the ultimate measure of leaders."

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Photo: Doug Goodman

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Lisa Pollina, Vice Chairman, RBC Capital Markets

"If you encounter resistance over the course of your career, remember that people don't hate you because of your weaknesses — they hate you because of your strengths."

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Pollina (left) with Suni Harford, Citigroup's regional head of markets for North America. Photo: Doug Goodman

Melanie Dressel, President and CEO, Columbia Banking System

"Don't be so set on your life plan that you miss an opportunity on the way to getting there. I was on my way to law school when I took a detour into banking because I wanted a Monday-Friday job."

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Photo: Doug Goodman

Beth Mooney, Chairman and CEO, KeyCorp

"Pursue your dream with passion, but make sure you define the dream. Be purposeful, take risks, get the credentials you need. Set your sights, and see it through."

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Photo: Doug Goodman

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Jane Fraser, CEO, CitiMortgage and CEO, U.S. Consumer and Commercial Banking, Citigroup

"Don't feel you have to be 125% qualified for a new job — you don't. You can't possibly be. So don't let that hold you back from taking on a new assignment that's going to stretch you, where you're really going to grow. But at the same time, keep just enough of that fear to keep you on your toes."

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Photo: Doug Goodman

Julieann Thurlow, President and CEO, Reading Co-operative Bank

"Don't assume that someone's going to observe you working hard. Raise your hand and get in the game. I did that [with former Reading CEO Donald Hicks]. He said, 'Where do you want to be?' and I said 'Right where you're sitting.' Now I am."

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Thurlow (right) with Donald Hicks. Photo: Doug Goodman

Jill Castilla, President and CEO, Citizens Bank of Edmond

"Always take on challenges to expand your depth and breadth of knowledge. In banking, it can be good for women who are looking to become leaders to be on the lending side. That way they can be revenue generators and propel themselves into the upper echelons."

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Castilla and Marcus Castilla. Photo: Doug Goodman

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LeeAnne Linderman, EVP, Retail Banking, Zions First National Bank

"Take risks. Take on assignments even when you feel you may not be ready — stretch, and develop new skills."

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Linderman (right) with John DelMauro. Photo: Doug Goodman

Susan Skerritt, Managing Director and Head of Global Transaction Banking Americas, Deutsche Bank

"Nobody's going to follow you or listen to you unless you are your authentic self."

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Skerritt (left) with Deutsche Bank's C.J. Kerr. Photo: Doug Goodman

Barbara Desoer, CEO, Citibank, and Amy Brady, Chief Information Officer, KeyCorp

Desoer: "Always strive for something just beyond your capabilities, and know yourself well."

Brady: "She taught me everything I know."

Desoer: "And always remember that paths can cross again."

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Desoer (left) and Brady (right) first worked together at Bank of America.

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Jane Haskin, President and CEO, First Bethany Bank & Trust

"Education, including being a [certified public accountant], equipped me to be prepared for opportunities as they arose. This is especially true as women break barriers—they have to have the credentials."

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Haskin (center) flanked by Michael Haskin and Citizens Bank of Edmond board member David Hornbeek. Photo: Doug Goodman

Alberta Cefis, EVP, Head of Global Transaction Banking, Scotiabank

"Never be something you think others want you to be — whether that means your brand, your personality, your values. Don't compromise yourself."

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Cefis with Ilio Santilli. Photo: Doug Goodman

Caroline Silver, Managing Director, Moelis & Co.

"If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will."

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