Slideshow Small Banks and Big Market Share

  • March 12 2012, 10:57am EDT
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Abilene, Texas

First Financial Bank dominates its home town, holding 41% of Abilene’s deposits. Following a distant second is American State Bank, with 14% market share. The highest-ranked big bank is Bank of America at just 7%. (Image: ThinkStock)

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Akron, Ohio

Akron is best known as the headquarters of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., but FirstMerit Bank is in the driver’s seat. The bank controls about a quarter of Akron’s deposits, or nearly twice that of the runner-up, PNC Bank. (Image: ThinkStock)

Bangor, Maine

The city, which serves as the home of writer Stephen King, is a stronghold for Bangor Savings Bank. The institution, which opened in 1852 and has grown through four acquisitions in Maine, holds 40% of the deposits in Bangor. TD Bank is in second place, at 15%. (Image: ThinkStock)

Fargo, North Dakota

This city is largely known for its bit role in the 1996 Coen Brothers dark comedy of the same name. The top deposit holder in Fargo is State Bank & Trust, with 30% market share. Despite its name, Wells Fargo is second banana at 13%. “You're darned tootin'!” (Image: ThinkStock)

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Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City is one of the biggest metropolitan areas where a community bank is tops. UMB Bank, at 13.4%, is slightly ahead of Commerce Bank, at 12.5%. Bank of America has more branches than either of them, but places third at 10.4%. (Image: ThinkStock)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Located in the middle of an oil field, Oklahoma City is a hotbed for the energy sector and agriculture. That’s good news for MidFirst Bank, which holds 18% of the local deposits. JPMorgan Chase is the biggest of the major banks, at 10.3%. (Image: ThinkStock)

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Los Alamos National Bank only needs three branches to handle more than one-fifth of the deposits in this capital city. First National Bank of Santa Fe is slightly behind, at 20.3%, followed by Wells Fargo at nearly 19%. (Image: ThinkStock)

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Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Williamsport is the home of the Little League World Series, and it is a city where community banks thrive. They make up three of the city’s four-biggest banks: Jersey Shore State Bank (17.8%), Susquehanna Bank (13.1%) and Muncy Bank & Trust (12.5). Foreign-owned Sovereign Bank is #2, with 13.9% of local deposits. (Image: ThinkStock)