Slideshow 'So Much for Our Champion': Comments of the Week

  • January 08 2016, 7:30am EST
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American Banker readers share their views on the most pressing banking topics of the week. Comments are excerpted from reader response sections of articles and our social media platforms.

In response to Bernie Sanders, who has previously garnered community bank support for his proposal to break up big banks, wanting to allow post offices to offer banking, among other things:

"Were his proposals to ever make it through Congress, it would spell the death for many true community banks. So much for our champion."

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A positive reaction to Sanders stepping up attacks on the biggest banks:

"Like the attendees at an AA meeting, the players in the financial system have to first admit that they are powerless over the siren call of easy, if dishonest money. They will follow it until the bonus is no more, until everything of value is lost in the mindless acquisition of more, more, more."

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Cheering banks' protests of the Financial Accounting Standards Board's loan-loss proposal:

"Community banks are not complicated to understand and I wish the FASB would simply leave us alone."

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In response to the many ways data analytics could be used by the industry in 2016:

"Alerting a customer that they forgot to take cash from the ATM requires advanced analytics? Still waiting for the hype cycle to get past, well, the hype and down to practical, meaningful applications of data analytics."

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In response to characterizing older generations as "high-touch and low-technology."

"My 75-year-old mother loves her smartphone and marvels at not needing to visit a bank branch to deposit a check any more. Just saying."

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A reaction to an op-ed on how big banks are finally transforming their cultures:

"For the culture's sake, I hope the tide is turning, but I will keep one hand on my wallet at all times."

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In response to a BankThink post on why Bernie Sanders' plans for the banking industry are likely dead on arrival:

"The good news is that none of this will ever happen. The bad news is that someone at this level in policy making is actually voicing policies like this."

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