Readers react to members of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's advisory board getting fired, opine on Sen. Elizabeth Warren slamming deregulation, weigh in on facial recognition technologies and more.
On the need for a comprehensive overhaul of regulatory system:
“The reason rules have ‘exploded’ or become ‘bloated’ isn't due to unilateral action on the part of the regulators. They promulgate regulations in response to statutes passed by Congress. Those statutes have exploded and have become increasingly prescriptive, leaving the regulators with less discretion in writing the regulations. They can examine which laws are unnecessary or counterproductive all they want, but it is Congress that has to do something about those. That's why EGRPRA is a joke.”

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On acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney firing members of three advisory boards in order to bring in more diverse views:
“Can't wait to see the ‘diversity’ Mulvaney brings in. Out with consumer advocates and community bankers; in with grey arean loan sharks and ‘larger-scale’ lender voices. So much for the C in CFPB. If Mulvaney's draining the swamp, it's only so the predators can more easily see their food. Yep, elections do have consequences... bad ones.”

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Acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney
Another reader reacts to the disbanding of CFPB's advisory boards:
“#Mulvaney2024 I like the way this guy conducts business. Drain the swamp.”

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CFPB Director Richard Cordray
More on Mulvaney's move to overhaul his advisory boards:
"Consumer advocates fear that Mulvaney "wants to stack the panel with his own hand-picked members." Pretty rich stuff, coming from the folks who were "hand picked" by Cordray."

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On studies showing facial recognition systems tend to have higher error rates for women and minorities than white men:
“Bias, Please! It sounds more like undeveloped software is the problem!”

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A stop sign
On a law professor urging the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency to release its findings that Wells Fargo isn’t the only bank that has opened accounts without customer consent:
“Why stop with just releasing abusive sales practices? Let's release whether banks have poor appraisal practices, or inadequate ALLL methodology, or poor staff training, or anything else that's the soup of the day for law professors at GWU. ‘This is a watchdog that’s not barking,’....let's stop the hyperbole.”

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On Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, strongly rebuking the Trump administration’s deregulatory agenda:
“Long on sound bites. short on examples of just where those greedy corp. B's are taking advantage. And, seems that after all those regs were past, didn't those big, evil banks get even bigger (and continue to do bad things, i.e. Wells)?”

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