The three 'R' words that define a successful career

Linda Verba called on different strategies to help her advance at each stage of her career.

In this video clip, she shares the three ‘R’ words she uses to describe the strategies that worked so well for her.

Verba, the head of service strategy for TD, packed a lot of advice into the speech she gave at the 2017 Most Powerful Women in Banking gala, where she accepted a Lifetime Achievement award (some of it fun if a little controversial).

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VERBA: In my life time, I’d like to describe myself with three R’s. The first one, early in my career, was Relentless. I could do it. I could go through walls. I could make it happen. Usually, by the way, leaving a few bodies in the wake, okay? The second one however is, as you transition, and is called Resilience. You understand how to accept the blows, you understand how to be curious, question. The third one is Relevant. Business change, people change, you need to change if you are going to stay relevant within your organization and in your field.