Digitization and transformation of finance: Achieving efficiency and delivering insight to the enterprise

60 Minutes
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As the role of finance functions is shifting from transaction processing to more strategic, higher-value functions, the importance of transforming and digitizing financial processes is imperative. This is more important now than has been ever before in the light of the current macroeconomic shifts. Digitization focuses on the automation of business processes to gain efficiency and effectiveness and improvements in strategic decision-making and execution by delivering better insights through analytics and data visualization.

In this session, we will discuss the following:

• How is high performance being challenged in the competitive marketplace
• Best practices in transforming and digitizing financial processes for efficiency
• The keys to delivering effective, actionable insights to the Enterprise

Key Speakers
  • Mike Sisk
    Michael Sisk
  • Danny Baker
    Danny Baker
    Vice President, Market Strategy, Financial & Risk Management Solutions, Fiserv

Finance Digital transformation