Historically, banks have been forced to make tough trade-offs when addressing online identity verification. Pick your poison—higher levels of fraud detection with lower conversion rates or opt for higher conversion rates with lower levels of fraud detection/assurance.

But, it doesn’t have to be an "either or" situation.

If you're responsible for product, the user experience, fraud management, digital transformation or compliance, this webinar will deliver invaluable tips and tricks to ensure that you're optimizing across both dimensions when performing online identity verification, including:

  • Latest research on abandonment rates during account onboarding
  • Taking an omni-channel approach (e.g., mobile & desktop)
  • How to reduce the number of screens that customers have to complete
  • How to help users course correct during the verification process
  • Simple usability tips for streamlining the user journey

Key Speakers

Harnish Patel
VP, Americas, Jumio Corporation
Mike Perkowski