Chatbots and robotic process automation are all the rage. Yet people still want to talk to people about their more complicated financial needs and problems. In wealth management and asset management this is especially true; top clients expect some degree of access to personal service.

Artificial intelligence and bots can be harnessed to help financial advisors and back-office operations staff, rather than replace them. In this webcast, we will hear from practitioners who are creating human-digital hybrids and striking that critical balance between personal attention and automated efficiency.

Jeff McMillan, chief analytics and data officer for Morgan Stanley, will explain new technology his team is building that provides data-driven insights to human wealth managers.

Mark Shivers, co-head of robotic process automation for BNY Mellon, will share how the bank has already created bots that handle certain back-office processes in asset management and how humans and bots interact at the bank.
Both will offer tips and lessons learned from being early adopters of AI.

Key Speakers

Mark Shivers
Head of Smart Technology and RPA, BNYM
Jeff McMillan
Chief Analytics & Data Officer, Morgan Stanley
Penny Crosman
Editor at Large American Banker