How to mitigate fraud at the edge

Thursday, July 16, 2020 2:00 p.m. EDT 60 Minutes
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We continue to see increase in both scope and sophistication of attacks today. Join Akamai Advisory CISO, Steve Winterfeld, and USAA AVP, Technical Fellow in the Chief Technology Office, Christopher Wilkinson, who will talk about the best practices to mitigate the constantly changing threat landscape around protecting customers’ accounts from compromise. They will cover:

  • Developing an operational capability and response process
  • Establishing baseline for risk while being fully compliant
  • Understanding the types of threats and how they scale

This is a chance to join a conversation with folks on the frontlines of building and operating the systems designed to defend clients.

Key Speakers
  • Christopher Wilkinson
    Christopher Wilkinson
    USAA AVP, Technical Fellow in the Chief Technology Office
  • Steve Winterfeld
    Steve Winterfeld
    Advisory CISO, Akamai
  • Mike Sisk
    Michael Sisk