Onboarding directly impacts customer experience, servicing, relationships and profits. Banks need a strategic approach to efficiently move customers from initial engagement to lasting, profitable relationships. It’s their first line of defense against churn. Bank customers expect a highly personalized onboarding process. They want to know what’s in it for them. They don’t want to get lost in a paper shuffle. They demand a consistent, effortless experience that respects their time and delivers real value at every step.

When banks use smarter data management tools and connect with their customers in innovative ways, they can deliver more effective, customer-pleasing onboarding experiences.

Join this web seminar and learn ways to:

· Connect data from across your organization to identify relationships and engage customers in more meaningful ways.
· Use highly engaging interactive personalized videos to explain processes, products and benefits.
· Enhance self-service with smart virtual assistants that make interactions as simple as a conversation.

Key Speakers

Dr. Gerhard Heide
Director, Global Market Strategy - Customer Engagement Solutions Pitney Bowes (Presenter)
Mike Perkowski
Co-Founder & Partner New Reality Media, LLC (Moderator)