Evolving into a data driven organization requires closing the data literacy gap, and embracing data democratization thru transformation of products, people and process. The CFO governs over a wealth of information, ranging from financial accounting, strategic plans and forecasts, profitability, and asset & liability management that requires eliminating silos in order to take your organization to the next level. Discover how to get full business value from critical information in traditional CFO suite or Enterprise Performance Management products.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:
· Data democratization, visual analytics and self-service: What this mean and how it will drastically shift the future of enterprise business operations
· Emerging trends in Business Intelligence with potential to drive innovation and transform data into winning strategies
· How promoting collaboration and communication between people, products and process will unlock unlimited value and potential

Key Speakers

Mike Sisk
Contributing Editor American Banker
John Kim
Sr. Product Manager, Financial & Risk Management Solutions Fiserv